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Any discussions having to do with scripts: script choices, script development, script analysis, getting rid of all scripts, etc. View Discussions

What Grease Got Right 2 Replies

Started by Jacob Coakley. Last reply by Jacob Coakley Feb 2.


Started by Charlene McCaghren Woodham Dec 31, 2015.


All technical and design discussions, e.g.: lighting design, set design, set construction, equipment storage, costuming, etc. View Discussions


All discussions related to performance: Directing, Acting, Choreography, Stage Management, etc. View Discussions

Cheshire Cat effect 2 Replies

Started by Doug Lowthian. Last reply by Sara Morsey Sep 14, 2015.


Discussions relating to theatre management: Budgets, Fundraising, Marketing Plans, PR, and more. View Discussions

Theater Rental Fees 2 Replies

Started by Tom Lavin. Last reply by Brian Carter Mar 1, 2013.

Little Mermaid Score 5 Replies

Started by Annie Roth. Last reply by Annie Roth Dec 19, 2012.

Theatre Hierarchy 2 Replies

Started by Dana Leach. Last reply by Rich Dionne Sep 15, 2012.

Audience Services

Where the audience and the theatre interface: Box Office, House Management, Talk Backs and anything else that relates to audience service. View Discussions

Steppenwolf Flash Mob

Started by Trevor Long Dec 4, 2009.

San Francisco Theatre 4 Replies

Started by Jacob Coakley. Last reply by Alex Senchak Jun 30, 2009.


Parnelli Golf Classic

Golf Classic

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