I am a high school theatre teacher and am trying to choose a play for our fall production. As with many high schools, I have 1-2 boys who are committed to my program and MANY girls. I have produced comedies in the past and am looking for something a little different. I would like to produce a drama (or dark comedy....) or murder mystery. Can anyone help with suggestions for a play that has a female-heavy cast that might fit in the more dramatic genres? So far I've come up with Crimes of the Heart but I'm concerned about my school's very conservative community. I want to stay away from Steel Magnolias (because it is a comedy) and because there's not even ONE boy. I have one EXTREMELY talented senior boy this year and don't want to leave him out of the fall production. I would appreciate some help and your suggestions!

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How about Neil Simon's female version of The Odd Couple or Noel Coward's classic Blithe Spirit. I am in the same situation right now where I teach. Last year we did the Simon play and I am about to audition on the Coward. Of course if you want to keep it super small try Glass Menagerie. Children's Hour is a great choice, but I too am in a conservative community and I reread Helman's play this summer and had reservations about how it would go over.
There are always one acts that you could do and have an evening festival of one acts. We do four shows a year at my high school and to tell you the truth it is exhausting.
Head's Up -- any theater certified teachers or any certified teachers with an interest in directing shows out there looking for a job? I am getting ready to retire soon. We have a scene shop, a great storage area, a costume vault, dressing rooms, a theater office (but you are your own secretary) and a stage with workable fly space, new lighting system. It is a very good teaching theater.
Where are you at?
I teach at the senior high school in Indiana, PA which is approx. an hour drive time east of Pittsburgh. I do think that there may be an opening here soon in the English dept. but one never knows (two expecting colleagues). I think we have a legacy of doing some top theater here and we have turned out quite a few professional actors, as well as musicians.
Even though the district spends most of the money on athletics, arts trumps them with the number of graduates who have turned professional in the field.
Love teaching here, but I know I can't be here forever. Great kids, great colleagues and a great facility.
Several years ago I directed "Come Back to the 5 and 10 Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean" in a high school. It has the opportunity for 8 girls( you have older and younger versions of each character) and 1 boy. The show does deal with very mature subject matter -- there is one transgender character, but it is a great showcase for the girls and the guy. Check out the script and the movie version with Cher, it is extremely close to the script.


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