TheatreFace Is Dedicated to Theatre

We love theatre. We know that you love theatre. At TheatreFace you can discuss any aspect of theatre—creation, production or just fandom. But please, keep it to theatre. The Web is a large place. If you wish to discuss different breeds of sea monkeys, we’re sure there’s a site out there for you, but this is not it. For now we will be moderating photo and video uploads, as well as group formation requests, to be sure they stick to this dictum.

TheatreFace Is for People

Every member of TheatreFace is a real live human being who also shares your passion for putting on a good show. Some members may work for companies that offer goods or services to the theatre world, but they are here because they love theatre, too—not to push products or services.

TheatreFace Is a Collaborative Site

Theatre is a collaborative art. TheatreFace is a collaborative site. Treat everyone with respect.

TheatreFace Will Stay Exciting

The editorial staff here promises to keep things exciting with Podcasts, live chats, professional moderators in groups. If you have ideas about who you’d like to see as a member of TheatreFace in order to pick their brains, or applications that would make the site more useful to you, or any other change you’d like to see, please let me know at

TheatreFace Has Limits

If the staff of TheatreFace finds that you are in violation of our Terms of Use or these Values we reserve the right to terminate your membership. We have a three-strike policy—you get two warnings, on the third violation, you’re out. No recourse, no appeal. However, for more serious offenses (e.g., threats of violence) we do reserve the right of immediate dismissal.

TheatreFace Respects Your Privacy

Read our full privacy policy here.

TheatreFace Terms of Use

If you want to drill down into the nitty-gritty of all these policies and see them spelled out in a formal contract, you can read that here.

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