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connections between Engineering and the Entertainment industry

We know that theatre and the entertainment industry has trended to being a late majority or even a laggard when it comes to adopting new technology; however, we are to a point where technology is cheap, easy to use, plenty of online help from the "hacker" communities, and a faster acceptance of new technologies to the industry. 

We can read every week Rich Dionne's blog about how he incorporates technology into his curriculum and teaches his students concepts of engineering. Rich also…


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The "spirit" gets its legs

I meant to have this post ready to go at the beginning of the week but my computer came down with a virus and was down for the count.

Update on the Show

The Production goes into tech on Saturday and we are right on schedule (for the most part). The set is in and functional there are some small set dressing and touch up painting that needs to happen but all in all it is good to go. The special effects are all built, short of the table, and are installed.…


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As the week wraps up and I finish the preparation for crunch time when school starts back on Monday I have come across an interesting topic, “as-built drawings.” We spend weeks and weeks planning, sk…

As the week wraps up and I finish the preparation for crunch time when school starts back on Monday I have come across an interesting topic, “as-built drawings.” We spend weeks and weeks planning, sketching, and drafting a set or the mechanism for a show and inevitably as soon as the drawings hit the shop floor something changes. Carpenters find easier/faster ways to do something, materials or resources change, or what usually happens, the director or client changes their mind.

I am…


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the clock is ticking

So as this week come to a close we are 34 days from opening night. As the week dawned I was freaking out. I was not sure when stuff was going to get built and I was feeling out of time on everything.

However today I put in some quality shop time and finished the mechanism to open the French doors, and the base for the bookcase effect. Not a lot of work done but enough that I can finally see progress and some light at the end of the tunnel.

This coming week is my spring break…


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The Process Works

It has been awhile since I have had the opportunity to blog about my process as my process, school work, and the all needed sleep have filled all the available hours of the day.

I struggled through the concept design phase of the design process for I like most people in our industry suffer from an attitude of “let’s just do it.” I would come up with one solution that I liked and then look for the simplest of reasons not to use any other idea because I wanted to rush and get to the…


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In the begining

I decided that blogging here on theatre face would be an interesting forum to document the trials and tribulations of my project.

I am an Engineer with my focus in theatre and it is required by my university to undertake a collaborative, comprehensive, final design project for all engineers. most engineers at Purdue do projects for local companies and never really see their project into fruition. I having a unique major and always trying to get the university to work for me…


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